The penultimate life question: have you ever wanted your dog immortalised in a video game? If your answer to this is a resounding yes, we have just the competition for you! Best Friend Forever is soliciting entries to our Ruff Royale – kinda like the Hunger Games, but with no death and tons of good dogs.

Entries submitted go in the running to have That Dog put into Best Friend Forever as a recurring pop-up pupper pal in our Paws Academy parade segments. And hey, if you win, you can tell your friends your dog is a video game character!

How does it work?

  1. Fill out the template. You can find the flat version and a .psd version of the template here!
  2. Post the template either on Twitter (with the hashtag #bffgame), or in our Discord’s #ruffroyale channel. We will be selecting one dog from each platform, so to maximise your chances it’s a good idea to join our Discord too.
  3. Entries are open until Wednesday December 11th 6:00PM NZST. We will not accept anything posted after this cut-off.
  4. Two extra dogs are then selected from the RUFF ROYALE battle bracket! We will be posting a public voting bracket for the another two puppers to join us in BFF immortality on December 12th. The bracket will be selected by Starcolt staff from the entries on both platforms, so make yours stand out!
  5. The Ruff Royale battle bracket closes on Monday December 16th at 10:00am NZST. The first and second place winners will become the other two dogs included in the game.
Phew. We gucci? tl;dr: fill out the template, post it on Twitter and/or Discord (one will be selected from each platform for a total of Two Dogs) – if you don’t succeed that round, we have a public battle bracket to select the next Two Dogs for a total of Four Really Good Dogs.


  1. By entering, you are giving us permission to use your dog’s likeness. You consent to us using the information you have submitted for development and promotional purposes which includes (but is not limited to) Best Friend Forever, our websites, social media channels and promotional materials.
  2. By entering, you fully indemnify Starcolt against any claims arising from the display or use of any entry you make into this competition.
  3.  Each image submitted must be the original and unpublished work of the participant who must also be its copyright owner. 

1. Make sure the photo of your pooch is nice and clear! As we’ll be using the photo as an art reference, we’ll need a good reference and if it’s blurred, too dark/light etc. it will not be selected.

2. Please don’t use offensive language, slurs, or any of that horrible stuff. We ain’t here for it.

3. Do feel free to share your picture widely with friends! We’ll be selecting for the bracket on a bunch of criteria – engagement, creativity, uniqueness and so on, so think big.